Nanbaka Episode 15 Subbed

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  • will there ever be an actual female other than the warden, the robot nurse and the scientist

    • Lily

      so the robot counts but the trap doesn’t?

    • Domi

      I am sure at some point there will be multiple females joining. I mean think about it they could add in a female half that the guys never knew about at any time. This is supposedly the toughest prison to break out of in the world. Id assume it holds women too. Though i don’t expect development like that any time soon. But with the way things are set up anything can happen ^_^

      • I feel there will be a a female prison guard that will threaten the wardens “relationship” with Hajime

  • KremCo1559

    only in this anime you feel bad/creepy vibes when you don’t see sparkles