Nanbaka Episode 25 Subbed [END]

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  • Zess Black

    Is episode 25 really the last episode of Nanbaka or of the season

    • Iulius Pitirut

      Next season in next year or maybe in November…

      • TickTock Shokugeki

        Well that sucks…this anime is great!

  • Dawsauce the “Anime trash”

    is it already over?

  • blu

    there is a new season next year

  • Marcus Leandro

    how they end a season in his best part?

  • sasha more

    😭😭 I need more 😢

  • sasha more

    I need season 3 right away, can’t wait till November or next year 😭


    bruh… not even a rush up fight for finale? YOU HAD TO JUST SHOW 2 MAIN CHARACTERS GOING FOR EACHOTHER BECAUSE lol “To be continued”

  • Magicstorm101

    I finally get Hajime back and then the season is OVER. D:

    • Hiro Hamada


  • Domi

    Lmao, I love how Hajime decided to free Samon then Just casually punches him; knocking him out, after Jyugo releases him saying ” Never mind he becomes annoying soon as he becomes freed lock him back up.” xD like wat lol?

  • Nico Kobayashi

    Love this season!

    • Nico Kobayashi

      Also love the ending!

  • ThatRandomGuyThatNobodyLikes

    it wont let me watch episode 25 🙁

  • Nalu

    I cant wait for season 3